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Child Development

A baby clinic is held every Tuesday morning at the medical centre from 9.00am - 11.00am. New babies will be sent an appointment to see the doctor at eight weeks of age for the "eight week check".


We are currently unable to offer a NHS Chiropody service at the practice, however if you speak with your nurse or doctor they can refer those patients who need this service to the Manor Top chiropody team.

This will be reviewed on a regular basis. 


A counselling service is available at the medical centre with our counsellor Penny Merrett.

We can also refer you to one of our IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) team, Amy Mayfield, Mike Goodchild and Raymond King.  This can include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT.  These members of the team would see you here in the surgery in familiar surroundings.

Please make an appointment with the doctor first so that you can be assessed and referred if it felt appropriate.

A long appointment is always allocated by the counsellor and for this reason we do please ask that you cancel with as much notice as possible if you are unable to make the appointment.

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies has it's own website here where you can find useful dates for stress control and healthy living workshops and much more information to help you.

Having a long-term health condition can be frustrating or worrying at times. It is very common for health conditions to affect how you feel and for your mood to affect your health condition. This can lead to feeling stressed, low, anxious or worried.

Are you living with a long-term health condition, feeling worried about your health or in persistent pain?
Are you feeling stressed, low or anxious? The health and wellbeing service is right for you. We can help you to ‘live well’ with your health conditions and improve your wellbeing through a range of free living well courses, one to one sessions or online therapy.

Contact us on 0114 271 6568 to book a place onto a course or to request an assessment with one of our health and wellbeing workers.

Family Planning

We are able to offer a full family planning service apart from the fitting of the contraceptive cap and the intra-uterine device or coil. Special appointments may be required so please discuss this with the receptionist before making an appointment.

Health Checks

Heart Checks

Those who have heart disease will be advised to have an annual 'Healthy Heart' check with our nursing team.

Blood Pressure

A blood pressure check is recommended at least once every five years. If you are found to have a high blood pressure, you will be asked to attend for a further check, given advice and possibly, if required, commenced on treatment.

One of the complications of a high blood pressure is suffering a stroke. Many people each year suffer a stroke through not taking treatment that is prescribed for high blood pressure, even if you feel well it is absolutely vital that you continue with the treatment.

Likewise, if you feel that the treatment you are on is making you feel unwell, please do not just stop taking it, speak to one of the doctors who will be able to find more suitable alternative.

Remember - a high blood pressure is often silent without any symptoms, you may not know that you have high blood pressure until it is too late - to avoid complications have yours checked regularly!

Asthma Checks

For those who have asthma we advise you to attend the asthma clinic so that you can have a six monthly asthma check up.

Diabetic Checks

For those who have diabetes we do ask that you attend the joint diabetic clinics run by one of the nurses and a doctor every Tuesday or Wednesday morning, alternatively if you cannot make these times an appointment in routine surgery time can be arranged.

Cervical Smear Test

These are carried out by any of our nurses. A test is recommended every three years for women from the age of 25 to 49 years of age, and then five yearly from the age of 50 to 65 years.

Health Trainer

Would you like to become healthier but don’t know where to start?

Our health trainer Kim Hinchliffe can help you lose weight, get more active, eat more healthily or stop smoking.

Kim will work with you on a one to one basis to help you achieve your goals.  He can help in the following ways:

  • Provide information and advice
  • Offer encouragement and support
  • Tell you about activities and services in the area
  • Accompany you to your first activity

If you are interested in getting this free help, please contact Kim:

Phone: 0114 239 4466
Mobile: 07825 604 477
Or call in to the One 4 All Community Hub, Morland Road, Sheffield, S14 1TD             


Mammography (breast screening)

It is recommended that all women between the age of 50 and 65 years attend for mammography. You will receive a letter from central health with regard to this, please contact the surgery if you are worried that you might have been missed.

Minor Surgery

Certain minor surgical procedures can be carried out by appointment under local anaesthetic in the surgery, you will need to see a doctor first to assess if this is possible. If it is you will then be placed on the in-house surgery waiting list.


Wart Removal

We are able to remove warts with application of liquid nitrogen. Please speak to one of the doctors about this.

Non-NHS Appointments

Medical examinations for special purposes, e.g. pre-employment, PCV/LGV driver, fitness for sports/to travel, etc., are undertaken by the doctors. As special appointments must be made a fee will be payable in line with recommendations


Ante-Natal Care

Ante Natal Care is provided by the midwives. Your first appointment will usually be in the 'booking clinic' which takes place on Tuesday's.

You are welcome to book directly into this clinic as soon as you discover you are pregnant with an over-the-counter urine pregnancy test. 

You will normally have one appointment shortly after that at the hospital for your first scan, and your midwife will tell you about all the services that are available for you after that.


Post-Natal Care

After delivery and on leaving the hospital you will routinely be visited by one of the midwives attached to the practice. They will have regular contact with you for the first few weeks.

At around eight weeks following delivery you will be given an appointment for a post-natal check. This does not involve an examination but is an opportunity for a doctor to check that everything is well with both yourself and baby.

Smoking Cessation

A stop smoking advisor runs a very popular clinic here at the surgery on Monday afternoons that you can book into at reception if you would like to stop smoking.  The advisor will provide medications and support for anyone who is ready to quit!

All nicotine replacement therapy and other medications to help people stop smoking are available on an NHS prescription. This means that the cost of nicotine patches or gum or inhalers is either very much less than buying them over the counter, or EVEN FREE, depending on your circumstances.

Our staff are always happy to advise on smoking cessation and the different ways you can access the different smoking cessation services.

Teen Service

The Practice's ethos is that 'We are Here to Listen and Not to Tell' and openly encourage young people to discuss any problems they might have with one of the doctors or nurses.

Other useful teen health websites:

Travel Information

If you require travel vaccinations, immunisations or advice, please either make an appointment with one of our practice nurses or telephone to speak to them for advice. 

Please download the form below and return this to the surgery prior to your appointment with the nurse to ensure they have all the relevant information to advise you correctly.

Travel Questionnaire

Vaccinations and Immunisations

New babies will be sent their first appointment for the immunisation course which commences at eight weeks. Other childhood vaccinations and immunisations are available at the baby clinic. It is important that all children are fully immunised against all childhood diseases.


Tetanus and Polio Vaccinations

Adults - are you up to date with your tetanus and polio? Although it is not very often publicized there are still many cases of tetanus and polio seen in Britain each year.

If you are not sure please speak to one of our practice nurses who will be able to advise you, or alternatively if you know that you aren't, please make an appointment with one of the nurses.